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Recent changes in leadership and membership offer an opportunity for Human Resource leadership team to review it’s processes and engage in a detailed piece of work to consider and agree key questions that will frame the work of the HR division over the next two to three years.

These questions are include:
How does the HR strategy feed in to and influence the group plan?
How does the current culture support and constrain best practice?

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One to one sessions with the HR leadership team to gather individual perspectives, opinions and aspirations followed by six structured one day workshops comprising team learning, exploration of business issues and the creation of a wider HR gathering to share learning, strategy and to generate commitment across the teams.

Core themes

  • Personal:  Sharing new evidence supporting an evolutionary, biological and psychological understanding of how the brain works and how training the brain improves performance and relationships.
  • Relational:  Working with the Four Player approach: a method  for ‘diagnosing’ and intervening in groups to support collective performance.
  • Systemic:  Considering issues of power and influence in the wider system and how these impact upon the ‘messaging’  and impact of the HR Leadership team strategy.


A radical re-think of how the HR team work together, how current structures support and hinder best practice.
Significant and unexpected changes to the leadership team resulting in new ways of working and innovation.

Client feedback

We have become much better at having open conversations now. I used this development time to think about my contribution in this team and how effective my behaviours were at a leadership level.  I feel I have re-orientated my purpose and found new direction and enjoyment in my work.   
A truly unexpected experience which resulted in significant change to the way I lead and think about my role here.  What a relief to get some of these issue out on the table at last.