Our purpose is to challenge, motivate and support you to increase your personal resilience and to improve the quality of your relationships at home and at work.

Our approach is informed by established and recently emerging insights from neurobiology, psychology and human history, which understand evolution and growth as dependent on the health and adaptability of both our bodies and our minds.

Led by Dr Nelisha Wickremasinghe, The Dialogue Space brings together leading consultants, clinicians, therapists, coaches and academics. When you work with us you will be guided, encouraged and supported by qualified practitioners who have extensive experience in human development and education.

We offer holistic depth development that explores both the conscious and unconscious forces that influence and sustain the behaviours we, as individuals and groups, want to understand, accept or change. We do this face to face or online.

Our coaching, therapy and development programmes are designed to support both self-referring individuals who want to engage in deep personal inquiry and growth, and organisations supporting employee health and well-being, as well as profound team and system change.


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