Personal and relational resilience

We are at our best when our emotion system, described as our Trimotive Brain, is balanced and regulated. Over or under activity in our emotion system leads to problems in the way we feel, think and behave in the world.

Resilient behaviour – and indeed, all behaviour – starts in the body and if we want to develop more mature, effective and satisfying ways of responding to our experiences we need to first notice what is going on in our body, accurately name the feelings they are producing in us, carefully consider the beliefs and thoughts we have about those feelings and only then take action accordingly.

Unfortunately, many of us do not always, often or ever respond to our experiences in this considered way. Instead we leap from experience to action with little or no awareness or understanding of what motivates our decisions and choices. This reactive behaviour is the cause of many of our personal and relational problems.


Personal and relational resilience The Dialogue Space

In the Dialogue Space we work alongside you to develop your ability to notice, understand and better manage your ‘emotion to behaviour’ sequences, enabling you to be less reactive and more responsive to life’s events and challenges.

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