Online Group sessions

Beyond Threat: finding your centre in the midst of uncertainty and change

To fully benefit from this programme we ask that you

  • Are willing to respectfully participate in group discussions, listening to and sharing personal experiences and reflections.
  • Have already begun to reflect on your life, and developed some self-awareness and understanding about your experiences.
  • Have access to a private, quiet and uninterrupted learning space, a good broadband connection, and use of Zoom software.
  • Are able to attend a minimum of 5 out of six sessions. You will find details of the dates and times of the courses below.

In our work together we will explore the following themes


All behaviour starts in the body

  • Understanding our Trimotive Brain and the neurobiology of personal resilience.
  • Learning and applying practices to better manage your emotions – especially those of your threat brain.
  • Exploring issues such as addiction, insomnia, and stress, and how we can alleviate the problems that arise from them.

Warming up awareness

  • Understanding and cultivating self-compassion as a core condition for learning and growth.
  • Understanding and learning to soften your Inner Critic.
  • Learning practices to develop an appreciative mindset.

The significance of childhood experience

  • Understanding your implicit (unconscious) memory and how it influences you.
  • Exploring conflict and shame as threat brain triggers.

Owning our shadow

  • Understanding the shadow self.
  • Meeting and living with our shadow.

Loss (letting go)

  • Exploring the stories we tell about ourselves and how our attachment to these narratives might help or hinder our growth.
  • What must we give up in order to grow? What must we keep?

Return (letting come)

  • Exploring how we will sustain and grow our learning.
  • Transitions – exploring the challenges of new beginnings.
  • Staying connected: post programme/ support and resources.

To join a programme you will need to:

  • Email us to express your interest and availability.
  • From 2021 our individual and group online learning opportunities will be deigned to accommodate individual availabilty and need.  Please get in touch for further details.


New online sessions from January 2021


If you are interested in joining a small learning group please email us for more information.

In response to the feedback and requests we have received following our first online group,  we will now be offering a variety of bepoke programmes and flexible dates to better suit individual availability and need.





To apply for a programme

  • Complete a personal information form providing a short biography of yourself, so that facilitators can best support your individual learning goals.
  • Agree to, sign and return our participation terms and conditions which is required in order to create a safe and confidential learning environment.
  • On acceptance of your application we will confirm your place and course dates via email, and you will be asked to pay the full and non-refundable course fee of £495 plus VAT.

Once you have joined and paid for your programme you will receive

  • Bepoke group or individual sessions facilitated by Dr Nelisha Wickremasinghe.
  • A copy of the book, Beyond Threat, posted directly to you.
  • Access to the Learning Space where you will find further reading, video sessions, and suggestions for individual practices you can work with in-between sessions and after the programme.
  • Life-long membership of a growing learning community which includes: ongoing access to live, online development sessions hosted quarterly by Dr Wickremasinghe and colleagues, and further reading and other resources posted on the members Learning Space.
  • As a member of the learning community a  copy of Dr Wickremasinghe’s next book, Being With Others, (due for release Winter 2021).
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