Watershed Arts Trust


An exploration of team work behind the scenes in a busy arts venue with a focus on collaboration and innovation within the hospitality departments.

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Inviting external providers to talk about different ways to deliver hospitality using local services, products and people.
Simplifying the service and product to enhance quality and efficiency.
Convening team conversations encourage innovation, cohesion and enthusiasm for change.


A streamlined team delivering up to date and locally sourced food and drink.
Greater recognition of customer requirements and agility to respond
A new non executive appointment to the board with specific knowledge and expertise in food and hospitality.


Client feedback

As a result of our work with the Dialogue Space we are now in a much better shape as a team, with new ideas for how to improve our hospitality offer. We are also delighted that this work has led to the appointment of a new non executive board member to support the change process.    Dick Penny, MD, Watershed Arts Trust.