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Design and deliver a transformational leadership experience for high potentials across Thomas Cook group to develop authentic, mindful and strategic leaders.

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A one year leadership programme comprising four modules, action learning groups and a final presentation and pitch to the board.  
Core programme themes

  • Working with strengths. What are we good at? What’s working well?
  • Leadership as Inquiry. What are the questions that will unlock learning, innovation and new insight?
  • Thinking and acting systemically. Paying attention to context and the ‘big picture’
  • Authentic, mindful leadership. The importance of emotional stability, mental clarity, physical health and purposeful, value connected action.
  • What do we most want to innovate and create?  (participants prototype and present a new product/service/opportunity to add value to the business’)


  • Increased clarity of leadership purpose and role
  • An international mind set, network and greater ability to work cross culturally
  • New perspective on how to work effectively with team diversity, conflict and collaboration
  • Increased self awareness, particularly related to managing personal energy.


Client feedback

“I believe that trust is at the heart of great leadership, and to understand what is really driving our behaviour is fundamental to creating the environment where great teamwork and transformation can take place.   Over the last five years I have worked with Dr Wickremasinghe, developing our high potential future leaders to embrace the challenge of leading global teams within a complex business.   I am delighted that her insights into the emotional brain and impact on leadership style will now reach a wider audience through her book, Beyond Threat.’   

Christoph Debus, Chief Airlines Officer, Thomas Cook Group