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Contribute new leadership perspectives on the top 50 Global Leadership programme.


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Pre-programme psychometric and coaching conversations, followed by a two day work shop exploring the benefits of compassionate leadership to individuals and teams.
Core themes

  • Input on the Trimotive brain and cultivating Safe brain capabilities – to nurture resilience and sustain high performance
  • Dialogic Leadership – understanding team and group dynamics and how to intervene to improve the quality of conversations.
  • Creating a global leadership community – sharing personal and leadership stories to deepen relationships
  • Identifying individual challenges and areas for development as a focus for post workshop coaching


Participants are able to recognise and regulate their threat response enabling them to act with greater clarity, focus and calm.
Commitment to sharing the leadership learning in regional teams to nurture the growth of colleagues in the wider system, resulting in global team days to experiment with new ways of working.
Commitment to ongoing coaching to deepen leadership learning and focus on personal development objectives.

Client feedback

As a leader for over 20 years in military and business settings I didn’t realize that many of my habits, which allowed me to thrive early in my career, were actually unconscious responses to the real or imagined experience of threat.  Working with Dr. Wickremasinghe allowed me to understand that these threat loops significantly narrow my ability to respond and grow as a leader.  Her focus on deep reflection and noticing pushed me wrestle with my unconscious responses and overcome many of the threat loops stifling my ability to effectively lead.  Beyond Threat is an incredible distillation of her research and methods into a digestible and practical book for leaders who want a deeper understanding of why they do what they do and how to grow their own leadership.
Chad Dreas, Managing Director, Media Analytics, Nielsen