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Support Harthill Consulting to design and deliver a Global Leadership programme to develop Fujitsu’s current and emerging leaders.


A nine month programme using a Developmental Action Inquiry approach to leadership.

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  • Created an enduring global leadership network of who support, learn from and challenge each other.
  • Increased the skills, knowledge and experience of participants to enhance their leadership capabilities and realise their potential
  • Increased participant understanding of the complex and interrelated issues/challenges of the Global and Group strategy
  • Supported participants to generate real business solutions and deep personal/collective learning as they implemented these solutions.

Provided a focus for post programme career development

“Nelisha has helped me to realised the importance of ‘letting go’ and being cool and calm in complex situations. She will remain one of my mentors in my full life journey.”
Merter Yeniay. Finance Director, South East Europe.

“Nelisha has influenced me through her thoughtful, inquisitive nature and strong yet gentle disposition. Her questions and observations supported me to be more inquiring, self challenging and have helped me to open up and appreciate the realm of possibility that I inhabit. She has helped me get to the point where I am someone who strives to be powerfully present and excited about the journey I am on...”
Maggie Buggie, Director Global Cloud Development.