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Support leaders to develop the capabilities to meet the challenges of both rapidly emerging and stable mature markets.
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A transformational leadership programme delivered over a three day workshop.

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Harthill’s transformational leadership programme enables participants to learn about, inquire in to and apply six leadership capabilities that underpin transformational intelligence:  

  • The ability to inquire and experiment (test our assumptions)
  • The courageous use of power
  • Passionate detachment (cultivating a mindful approach)
  • The ability to ‘dance’ between detail and vision (zooming in and out)
  • Positive use of language (appreciation and compassion)
  • Understanding complex systems leadership


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Client feedback

The transformational leadership programme brings fresh perspective and depth to the complex issues of leadership and organisational change. It has enriched my capabilities as a senior leader through developing my inquiry skills and ability to step back, gain a wider perspective and cast my area of influence much wider.” 
Susanne Luick Nijboer, VP, Danone