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To enable a group of cross business unit ‘pioneers’ to
To share learning and best practice among the teams and individuals involved in British Energy work.
To enable greater service to British Energy.
To create a commitment to resolving the common issues encountered to
To build relationships among those involved to foster greater collaboration


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Pre-workshop discussions to open people’s minds to a different approach to doing the work of  and to delve deeper into what they believe the possibilities and blockers are for the issues that matter to them.

Small group conversations based on the principles of appreciative inquiry to share the stories of success and re-engage people with the sense of achievement they experienced at the time, encouraging the same successes to be repeated.

The use of Open Space technology to encourage people to work on the issues that matter most to them, using the energy this creates to provoke action and build ownership.


Participants generated the following themes that they subsequently went on to prioritise and form project groups around

  • Opportunity to see/understand the ‘bigger picture’ (context)
  • Experiencing a personal sense of achievement/satisfaction
  • Recognising diversity as a source of creativity and energy
  • Valuing independence and autonomy
  • The importance of relationships and influence
  • Taking risks
  • Perseverance, making change happen/making a difference

Client feedback

The world is in a major transitional phase; geo politically, economically, societally and organisationally. We are in a great contraction, the financial crisis has shown us that the commitment to growth at any cost is unsustainable, inefficient and wasteful. Now more than ever, we need alternative and better ways to equip our leaders with new skills and capabilities to take on these gigantic challenges.  Nelisha’s work reveals how western societies dominant focus on our threat and drive brain adversely affects sustainable performance.  Regulating our motivational system by paying more attention to and nurturing our safe brain is, I believe, at the cutting edge of leadership learning and practice. We have been running leadership development programmes based on this work for over four years, deeply immersing our leaders and managers into this practice. Participants are inspired and energised to lead more courageously and act as catalysts for change within our organisation.  Tom Jones, VP, Clean Energy, Amec Foster Wheeler