Personal and system resilience

Central to our understanding of human resilience is the ability to remain adaptive when under strain and to re-orientate ourselves to the new situation.  The ability to reconfigure your day when travel plans go wrong, to recognise when you presentation isn’t going so well and to make changes in the moment to realign with the audience,  to notice your frustration or anger with a colleague and to bring yourself back to a calmer emotional state – which we refer to as ‘centre’.

Resilience is not something that is fixed by either genes or childhood. It can be learned and grown. To strengthen our resilience and to cope with the challenges of an uncertain and volatile world we support whole person learning that involves cultivating physical health, emotional stability , mental focus and clarity, and spiritual harmony - discovering and connecting with our deepest values and personal purpose.

Personal and system resilience The Dialogue Space

Our coaching and development programmes help clients to develop a better understanding of how they currently use their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy and how they can better manage, renew and recover this energy to enhance not just their productivity but also the quality of their relationships and personal experiences.