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Beyond Threat

"In this beautifully written and humane book, we learn how we become the stories we tell about ourselves and how, by re-authoring our sense of self, we can address our demons and lead more fulfilling lives"

Jules Goddard - Fellow, London Business School

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DS Review - Leadership Insights - April 2017

Self Compassion in a VUCA world

"Most of our problems in and beyond the workplace arise because our body and mind is over exposed to real or imagined threat. Leaders need to support their employees to notice, understand and regulate their threat response in order to stay centred when experiencing, for example, work load pressure, performance anxiety, disruptive global trends, team conflict and rapid change. Research shows that self compassion triggers neurological activity in our ‘safe brain’ that regulates threat and restores emotional equilibrium. By cultivating our safe brain we increase individual and group resilience and with it, the potential to thrive and succeed in todays VUCA environments."

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